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About Prop Facility

We're not just a facility management company, we're your partner in maximising the value and potential of your property. We believe that aesthetically pleasing properties deserve to stay that way. We understand that not all societies have the resources or time to properly maintain their premises, which is where we come in.

As your tech-driven facility management partner, we offer solutions for all your maintenance needs without breaking the bank. Our founders have a background in real estate sales and understand the challenges faced by property owners after possession which makes us the perfect partner for your needs!

Get ready for a vibrant and hassle-free management experience that will exceed your expectations!

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Minimalist Room Interior

Our Services

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We manage your premises with our able and skilled staff so your premises look

spick-and span! Our services include

cleaning, garbage collection, gardening

inspection. maintenance of the society premises and much more!

Security Guard Monitoring CCTV Footage


We offer trained and professional guards

for the highest level of security for your premises so you can go to work stress free and sleep sound knowing your

complex is in capable hands!

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We are a one stop shop for all your maintenance & fixing needs. Be it

plumbing problems, electrical issues,

A/C servicing or Pest Control for your

homes, we can take care of it all

Prop Facility offers full range of services designed to keep your property in top shape and your residents happy.

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